Corporate Plan

I-Bhd is currently on a growth trajectory to be a RM3 billion Group with 3 core businesses:

  1. Property development
  2. Property Investment
  3. Leisure


The first phase in this growth direction was attained last year when the Group reached its RM1 billion mark following its RM800 million corporate exercise. For the next phase of growth the Group would also be looking at M&A activities in addition to organic growth.

The Group’s business direction is to be both a Property Developer as well as a Property Investor. At the same time, the Group would also invest in those segments of the Leisure industry where property linkages provide a competitive advantage.

The Group’s business strategy is that although Property Development would be the main contributor, the Group would also build up its recurring income businesses from its Leisure and Property Investments segments. Its target would be for the recurring income to contribute about half of the Group financial performance.

The growth of the Group to date has been driven by a combination of organic growth as well as strategic alliances with such global companies as Central Pattana PLC of Thailand, Al Rahji Banking Group of Saudi Arabia and ServCorp of Australia.

Setting sights on achieving the next quantum leap in all business segments:

Corporate Plan