I-Berhad investing in Super App

I-Berhad is investing in artificial intelligence (AI) technology and plans to launch a super app.

Executive chairman Tan Sri Lim Kim Hong said the AI investment would be a boost to its i-City development, of which 60 percent of the gross floor area had yet to be developed.

“This is a forward-thinking smart city. Apart from launching the super app, we are accelerating and enhancing the city’s development with Internet of Things features and a robust digital network,” he told the New Straits Times.

The RM10 billion i-City is recognized as Selangor’s “Golden Triangle”.

I-Berhad chief technology officer Ricky Lim said the super app would create an ecosystem where users would not need to use multiple apps.

He said the app would be rolled out in stages to improve community smart living in i-City.

It is for property owners, tenants, visitors, investors and the working population of i-City.

“There are many apps for food delivery, transport, hotels, movie tickets, checking property launches, parking, payments and banking.

“We will integrate all those services into one app. The super app will make it easy for those who stay, work and play in i-City. We will monetize these services so that the super app will be self-sustaining and allow us to re-invest.”

Ricky said the pilot project for the super app had started with the company’s internal staff, who used the app for parking, among others.

“From a technology stand-point, it is not a big deal but from a developer’s standpoint, it is a milestone. For the app, you need a lot of infrastructure and technology and this year alone, we have invested RM5 million and we will continue to invest.”

He said in line with the “Golden Triangle” vision, i-City’s technology would be widely available.

“Today, the Internet bandwidth in i-City is 400 gigabit, which is four times more than the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. We have dedicated Internet access and telecommunications companies coming in,” he added.

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